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Who is ChooseBy ?
ChooseBy is considered as the new generation of :
Yellow Pages
Directory Web Sites
Stone Encyclopedia
Architecture Magazine
Home Design Magazine
Art Magazine
Products Catalog
Furniture Magazine
Furniture Complements Magazine

How does it work ChooseBy?
ChooseBy is an interactive and a secured member service web-based management system in a safe environment, available free to all ChooseBy account holders, designed to provide personalized menu of services depending on the user's profile and the strategic internet marketing services for business promotion.
What does it mean?
Our advertising search engine system has been created and still under updating with the latest software in web development and it is ALL free of charge for you!

What is your advantage using ChooseBy?
List free of charge images and information

With ChooseBy you can insert any type of image and text information helping you to enlarge your business.
Our philosophy is: free source for the resources release free of charge.
You can create your inbuilt website and any product, material and characteristics are ranked in a detailed way at search engine top level.
With ChooseBy you can:
- list any type of product and/or project you wish to show
- list your company for any type of material
- list your company in CSEYP system: ChooseBy Search Engine Yellow Pages.(You may insert unlimited specifications describing your business.)
- create your personal web site free of charge
Why to choose ChooseBy? Because it is a free advantage for your company.
Examples of free trial listings

What happens if you pay for the free listed images and information?
Advertise your company (available only for free index service)

By free listing your records and information, you get your personal page which has nothing less then a real website (personalized lay out options coming soon).
In case one of our users should be interested in you, ChooseBy will send you an inquiry message together with the Country, City and Category of the applicant and besides that the reference of your specific listed record.
If you are interested in the received inquiry, you will have to confirm the free listed specific record with the payment and the activation of the advertisement.

What do you receive paying for advertising?
What you get by advertising is:
- get connected straight with the specific applicant: we will send you email address of the applicant
- receive further unlimited inquiries referring to the specific record advertised, for a 1 year period. During this timing other prospects can always contact you, without additional payments from your part
- your company will be placed at the top of the list for the specific record, because the sequence of the affiliates' list depends on the date of your advertising confirmation
- the page in section "Catalog", will be totally displayed for a 1 year period
- advertising different records you get fully automaticly in a safe environment personal website

For the website administration and development support ChooseBy asks annual subscription costs for the advertising. Prices

With ChooseBy you don't have to anticipate any investment, as required by so many other Internet services..
You can have your company known for free or if you wish, you can increase your visibility and you can answer to the specific applications, by paying a small contribution for the management of the site.
Of course you can choose either just to insert your records free of charge or to advertise them. For each listed record you will be asked for this option.

Why to advertise with ChooseBy?
Easy answer for an easy question.
In the worldwide market no business system is able to offer such a high quality advertising solution at similar low costs.
Through our services you can find the answer to one question:
... to promote your company through usual advertising systems
... to build a website
... to have a visible position in search engines
... to guard your website from virus attacks
... to acquire a good hosting service

Are your incoming messages through your website always related to your business goal?
ChooseBy drives Qualified Buyers To Your Company, Not Just Traffic
Examples of companies which you can find in ChooseBy

Start now to use ChooseBy for your business